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About Us

Welcome to the enchanting world of Sounder & Friends, where Sounder the dog and her friends are always ready for fun and adventure! In this magical world, sounds are heard and seen as colorful swirls that, when blended together, form the objects in their world.

The lovable but impulsive raccoon, Sound Snatcher, is fascinated by these colorful swirls! He uses his tail to snatch and switch sounds, creating new words and accidentally wreaking havoc on the friends’ fun - like when he snatches the first sound in 'cake' and leaves the friends with a birthday 'ache.' But not to worry! Sounder and her friends use their magical features to catch the sound they need to change the word back and restore the fun. Created by literacy experts, Sounder & Friends utilizes the critical skill of phonemic awareness to helps kids learn how to read.